What to Pack in an Emergency Snow Kit

Snow Tire

The weather in Leominster and Fitchburg is always unpredictable, and in the winter, surprise forecasts can cause major stress on the roads. So, what’s the best way to travel with peace of mind? Create an emergency snow kit for your car. A snow emergency kit is a bundle of supplies designed to keep you safe and secure, including everything from snow removal tools to non-perishable food rations. Find out what to pack in an emergency snow kit in Gardner, and learn more about the best vehicles for snow at Ron Bouchard Chrysler Dodge RAM today. 



Creating an Emergency Snow Kit for Your Car

While your snow emergency kit doesn’t have to be huge, it should cover the basics. That includes survival supplies, car maintenance items, and extra comforts to keep you composed in an emergency. You can customize your snow emergency kit to suit your particular wants and needs, but here’s a good starting point:

  1. Flashlight: When considering what to pack in an emergency snow kit, a flashlight is crucial because blizzards and dense snow can cut down your visibility. Consider packing a few extra batteries as well.
  2. Cat Litter, Salt, or Sand: All of these supplies are meant to boost your tire traction if you get stuck. Just pour your ingredient of choice around your tire path to help your car climb out of an ice patch or snow drift.
  3. Snow Shovel and Ice Scraper: These travel-sized snow removal tools can help you battle the winter elements quickly. The more snow and ice you can remove by hand, the faster you can work and the less you have to rely on your car’s heat to melt it.
  4. First Aid Kit: A basic first aid kit can help with injuries like cuts and scrapes, and it’s a good place to store emergency medication in case you get stranded.
  5. Cell Phone Charger: Consider getting a charger with a lighter adapter or a powerbank to make sure your phone doesn’t run out of battery power.
  6. Jumper Cables: It’s not uncommon to deal with dead batteries in the bitter cold, and a set of jumper cables will help you get out of a stressful situation fast.
  7. Reflective Triangles: If your car breaks down at night, putting up reflective triangles helps other drivers see your car clearly. This helps to avoid accidents.
  8. Water and Snacks: Keep water and non-perishable snacks in your car like granola bars, crackers, or nuts. Because these supplies go through major temperature changes, be sure to swap them out every few months for safety.
  9. Blanket: A folded blanket takes up minimal room, but it’s a good and versatile tool to have on hand. It can provide you with warmth as you wait for help, and it can also provide a padded surface if you need to work on your car.
  10. Basic Auto Toolkit: Items like multitools, wrenches, tow straps, pliers, and duct tape can get you out of a bind. Buy a premade toolkit at our parts department or stash some supplies in a ziplock bag.

Get Your Car Winterized at Ron Bouchard Chrysler Dodge RAM

Whether you want to pick up some jumper cables or schedule your winter maintenance, get ready for cold-weather travels with Ron Bouchard Chrysler Dodge RAM. Our team would be happy to help you prepare for the ice and snow, so please contact us with any questions or schedule your next service today.


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