What is a Limited Slip Differential?

2022 Dodge Challenger Driving Around Curve

So, you’ve just brought home your new Dodge Challenger, and find out that it has something called a limited slip differential. “Great!” you think, “but what is a limited slip differential?” We explain in detail below what this system does and how it can help keep you safer on Fitchburg roads by answering the following questions:



  • What is a limited slip differential?
  • What does a limited slip differential do?
  • How does a limited slip differential work?
  • Does my RAM 1500 have a limited slip differential?

What is a Limited Slip Differential?

So, what is a limited slip differential? There are multiple types of differentials, and they all serve the purpose of keeping a car from spinning out as it is cornering. In order to avoid spinning out, the inside wheel and outside wheel must spin at different speeds while taking a curve because they are traveling different distances. A differential allows them to do that. The most common type of differential is an open differential, which works just fine for the typical Leominster commute, but it doesn’t compensate when a wheel loses traction. That’s what a limited slip differential is designed to do.

What Does a Limited Slip Differential Do?

When one tire hits loose gravel or a patch of ice, this can cause total loss of control of the vehicle. What does a limited slip differential do in these kinds of road conditions? A limited slip differential will compensate for the loss of traction by decreasing torque to the slipping wheel and sending more torque to the tire that still has grip on the road. This limits the slipping your vehicle will do.

How Does a Limited Slip Differential Work?

A limited slip differential contains additional clutches or gears that work to limit power sent to a wheel that is starting to slip. Some LSDs are also equipped with electronics that monitor traction and provide more precise control.

Does My RAM 1500 have a Limited Slip Differential?

You may be asking, “What about my pickup?” or “Does my RAM 1500 have a limited slip differential?” New RAM 1500 models are equipped with either an open or locked differential. A limited slip differential was available on some past model years as an option. If you need to tell which type of differential your truck has, schedule an appointment with our service center.

Check Out the Cars at Ron Bouchard Chrysler Dodge RAM with Limited Slip Differential

Did you know that the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger often come standard with a limited slip differential? Why not come take one or both of them for a test drive? And, if you found this post to be helpful, you might enjoy our other automotive research. We’re just a short trip away from Gardner. So, drop by or contact us today.


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