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How to Use the Gear Limit on a RAM 1500

If you’re like other Leominster RAM 1500 truck owners, you want to understand what features are available to you and how they work. When it comes to the gear limit, you may have some questions – What is the gear limit on the RAM 1500 used for? When would I want to use the gear limit on a truck? We’ll provide an overview of this feature below, and walk you through how to use the gear limit on the RAM 1500.


What is the Gear Limit on the RAM 1500 Used For?

The gear limit feature allows the driver to set the upper limit to how high the transmission can shift. In other words, if you want to slow down your vehicle quickly — without hitting the brakes and locking them up — you can engage what’s called the Electronic Range Select (ERS) feature. Here’s an overview of how it works:

Electronic Range Select (ERS) Operation: — If equipped, the ERS shift control allows the driver to limit the highest available gear when the transmission is in DRIVE and ERS mode is not active. For example, if you set the transmission gear limit to FOURTH gear, the transmission will hold that gear and not shift above FOURTH gear, but will shift through the lower gears normally.

*Note: ERS will only upshift during a FIRST to SECOND gear shift when in 4WD LOW. All other ranges will hold the gear.

When Would I Need to Use the Gear Limit on a RAM 1500?

The gear limit on the RAM 1500 is designed to be used when you need to limit your truck’s speed but don’t want to keep engaging your brakes. This would most commonly come up when towing, especially when towing downhill. Here are some scenarios in which some drivers have chosen to use the gear limit button on a RAM 1500:

  • Going downhill while towing
  • Going uphill while towing
  • Off-roading
  • Driving on slippery roads

How to Use Gear Limit on the RAM 1500

Now that you know the purpose of the gear limit button on the RAM 1500, and how it works in theory, here are the steps you can follow to engage this feature in your own vehicle.*Note: This feature works while your vehicle is in DRIVE model. Please familiarize yourself with the process prior to engaging the feature so that you and others stay safe on Leominster roads.

  • To activate ERS mode and slow down your vehicle, hit the “-” button on your steering wheel.
  • The actual gear that the transmission is in should display in the instrument panel.
  • Use the “+” and “-“ buttons to set the highest gear you want the transmission to engage.
  • To exit ERS mode and return to Automative Drive mode, press and hold the “+” button until the gear limit display disappears from the instrument cluster.

You can switch between DRIVE and ERS mode at any vehicle speed. When the transmission gear selector is in DRIVE, the transmission will operate automatically, shifting between all available gears.

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact your local Ram dealer. Ron Bouchard CDR is located in Fitchburg, MA, and we are happy to help our customers learn how to use this feature properly.

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