Chrysler Dodge and Ram Reviews

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Welcome to our Chrysler Dodge RAM dealership, where we sell the all the new models as well as high-quality used vehicles. The four FCA divisions we offer represent a wide range of vehicle types, from off-road workhorses to muscle cars. Each one is built to meet important customer requirements, including value, style, safety and durability.

Chrysler, Dodge & RAM Models


From the very start, Chrysler and Dodge vehicles have always stressed durability that can handle all kinds of road and weather conditions. Our vehicles are built tough using strong materials and sophisticated designs. We use genuine, high-quality MOPAR parts to help your vehicle operate at its maximum ability. With proper maintenance, CDR vehicles can give you decades of reliable service. With CDR, the durability is built in, not added on as an afterthought.


All CDR vehicles are well known as excellent performers, and many models are designed to deliver speed and power. The famous Hemi found in many of our vehicles is an iconic American engine. Our coupes and sedans can be outfitted with powerful drivetrains and high-performance suspensions to make every driving experience a pleasure. Combine top performance with great-looking design, and it becomes obvious why people admire CDR vehicles so much.


We think our CDJR vehicles meet or beat the best values our competition can muster. You’ll discover that CDR vehicles always deliver the most vehicle for the money. We know how hard you must work to earn every dollar, so we do everything possible to cram extra value into every CDJR vehicle we make. Through intelligent engineering, we’re able to keep prices low without compromising convenience, performance, features, or spaciousness.